10 Punny Mugs That Will Make You LOL

Punny mugs are a great way to start your day. Pair your 5am wakeup with a chuckle on the way to the office. Here are 10 punny mugs that will make you LOL.

 1.) Go-pher Yourself 

This passive aggressive gopher is the perfect way to start a Monday morning. With this attitude, nothing stands in your way! 

2.) How You B-O-O-I-N 

If only Joey could see how famous he's become! This mug makes a perfect gift, especially for fans of Friends.

3.) Do You Find Me A-Peel-Ing?














This banana mug is a super cute gift idea for that someone special. If you’re gifting a mug it better be punny!

4.) Gator's Gonna Hate

 gator's gonna hate













What our reptile friend says is true but this mug only has fans. This gator is ready to be an Instagram sensation #gatorsgonnahate.

5.) Owl Be Your Crying Shoulder

owl mug














Owls are in and we are obsessed.This big-eyed cutie and his puns are guaranteed to cheer you up.

6.) Don't Hate Because I'm BeauTEAful














You need a cup specifically for tea because you’re a diva. This mug agrees.

7.) I Don't Give a Dam

I dare you to rock this mug at your next business meeting.

8.) Go-Pher the Burn

Perfect for that pre-workout caffeine. This mug motivates in the punniest of ways.

9.) I'm So Iron-ic

Everyone has an uncle who is the biggest fan of his own jokes. He'd love this mug.

10.) Rock'n Roll

If you like your hot coffee with a sticky bun, you'll dig this cool mug with a sweet pun.

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