8 Fun Gifts For Your Best Friend

When it comes to gift-giving, candles might be great for your Aunt Agnus, but when you're talking about your bestie, you want a gift as special as them. 

Here are 8 fun gifts for your BFF that will have them grinning from ear to ear!

1.) Zero Fox Given Yoga Mat


The “zero fox given” yoga and exercise mat is the perfect gift for that gal pal that keeps promising to come with you to Bikram Yoga but never shows. This gift is a fun incentive so you don’t sweat alone. 

2.) Literally Can't Even Coffee Mug

We literally can’t even with this mug - it speaks to the basic in all of us. We all have that friend who waited 4 hours in line for a Unicorn Frappuccino. This one’s for you, girl.

3.) Let It Bee Wall Print

This “Let it Bee” wall print is a personal fav. A great reminder to keep calm and bee happy. See what I did there?

4.) Labro Doodles Tshirt

This extra dope t-shirt is the perfect gift for your coolest dog loving bro or bro-ette. Whether your homie is small, medium or large, we got them covered. 

5.) "Wachu Taco'n About?" Phone Case

This super cute and catchy phone case is perfect for your BFF who lives at the taco truck. You love them and support their relationship with their phone and picante salsa. They’ve been waiting for a case like this.

6.) Te Amo - Decorative Pillow

You adore your bff and their zest for travel. Let her know how much you love him or her with this pillow reading “I love you” in Spanish.

7.) Unicorn Yoga Mat - Namaste

This exercise mat is for your BFF who is faithful to pilates or yoga. Namaste. Perfect for the bestie who is as unique as a unicorn!

8.) Mac Love Not War Coffee Mug

This one’s for the bff who has no shame sippin’ red wine from a mug as long as she is pairing it with cheese. Even after a year tasting Italy's finest formaggio, still insists Kraft is a godsend. Cheers to you, boo.

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