8 Funny Yoga Mats You’ll Love

Yoga is about finding your center and aligning your chakras. Who says it can’t be entertaining too? You already crack up when your instructor does the Happy Baby Pose (a.k.a Ananda Balasana). To add to the fun, here are 8 funny yoga mats you'll love to gift. - or keep for yourself!

1.) Spiritual AF Giraffe
We are opening the list with the hottest giraffe in the studio. Being “Spiritual AF” this cute ass giraffe will gain more attention than your impressive handstand. This guy is on his way to enlightenment. All mats listed are made of durable polyurethane to distribute compression evenly, the bottom is green diamond textured to reduce slipping, and come with an orange carrying case for easy transport and storage.

2.) I Need Yoga Right Meow
As if your cat winding between your legs during warrior pose wasn’t enough, you’ll have a cat on your mat everywhere you go. Not to mention this focused kitty is wearing the cutest yoga pants!

3.) Namaste Bitches
“Namaste bitches” has got to be one of the most appropriate phrases for someone who is YogiAF. The pup on the mat doing downward dog is also pretty punny!

4.) Namaste Unicorn Yoga Mat

Yaaas queen!  This unicorn is mat will put a smile on your face every time you roll it out. Namaste is the beginning and the end of each yoga practice.

5.) Bananas For Yoga
No monkeying around when it comes to this mat. With this cute guy around it will be hard not to reach nirvana. This monkey mat will make you bananas for yoga, too!

6. Zero Fox Given Yoga Mat
Like you, this mat doesn’t take any crap from anyone. The best meditation is accomplished when zero fox are given. 

7.) I Believe In Cow-Ma
This yoga mat makes it easy to let go of all the bad vibes. You may not look as cute as this grinning cutie while in cow pose, but don’t let that stop you. If this mat doesn’t make you wanna mooove, I’m not sure what will.

8. Yoga is Purrfect
Just like yoga, this cat mat is purrfect after a long day. Again with the fashionable leggings- I can’t get enough of mats with cats. My yoga mat collection has officially surpassed the amount of yoga pants I own. That says something.

Which one is your fav?