Feline Navidad - Downloadable Greeting Cards


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Feline Navidad - Downloadable Greeting Cards

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Feline Navidad and to all a goodnight. The purrfect card for the holiday season.

By purchasing this printable design you'll receive your product instantly.

No need to stare at your mailbox longingly because it will be available for you within seconds. Print and send to a lover, friend or ex within minutes.

~ What You Will Recieve ~
*After receiving payment through Etsy you'll receive an Adobe Illustrator file that you can then resize to the paper size of your choosing.
*Envelope not included, but any office supply store near you will have one.
*Colors may vary depending on your printer.

Made with sweat, tears and gin by Arianna. If you're not 100% satisfied, I'll personally refund every last penny.